Thursday, 8 October 2015

MA2015 Show

My final project in the MA Show emerged from the vast subject of my Research Report. Five earmarks of visual 'disorder'; apophenia, horror vacui, repetition, obsession and synesthesia. Before I settled on the scroll form, I was intent on making a series of concertina books as a departure from the long, run-on canvas. I ultimately went with what felt most natural and is most conducive to long streams of visual information.

A closer look at the scroll,
The scrolls, sketchbook, concertina, animations and captions put together at last. It took towel rack holders and a large piece of electrical tubing to put together a solid fitting for it.

The scroll in progress, I actually managed to put time into this while commuting. I enjoyed the side-eye from fellow passengers.
Sorting out the monitor for the animation element involved lots of cables and stress.
The animated sequence mounted on a screen inside the scroll.