Wednesday 30 August 2017


I stumbled across yet more of my earliest work. I'd characterise it as colourful, yet inexplicable. Creativity was always nurtured growing up however bizarre the product. Art materials were plentiful and we were always working on a project. We made our own paper, experimented with dough craft, carved lino, designed teddy bears and created countless weird drawings of which these examples are only a few. I credit my parents with instilling in my siblings and I the sincerity and enthusiasm necessary to make stuff unfettered by self-doubt and perfectionism. 

The exciting world of Tim Flowers; General Practitioner. Lookin' sharp in a blue check shirt and out of control glasses.
Tree/Mushroom Cloud. Writing the title twice was meant to convince myself of it as much as anyone else.
Again the assertive use of words underlines the goings on of the drawing and leaves no room for it being perceived as some kind of peculiar line dance.

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