Friday, 21 August 2015

Intoxicated Invention: MA final project work in progress

I'm working on my current project; Intoxicated Invention: New systems of visual thought due to be installed in the Brighton MA show 2015. The private view is on 18th September 2015, be there or be a geometric shape. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Open Arts Animation

Open Arts is an amazing organisation. It's; "an art studio upstairs at Brighton Open Market, where we run visual and performing arts courses, gallery exhibitions and a pop-up art shop.
The project is a unique collaboration between Autism SussexGrace Eyre and Impetus, designed to bring arts opportunities to people with Asperger’s/ Autism or Learning Disabilities."
I've been co-running the animation course there with Rosy Marshall. Our students have had great fun coming up with ideas and playing around with creative techniques to make them stand out.

Animation with Rosy Marshall & Lucy Mazhari
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 10am – 12pm
Course dates: Tuesday 2nd June – Tuesday 7th July
Cost: £30 for 6 weeks or £5 per session
To book online, click here

Animation by Alex at Open Arts

"Come and make your own animated film. Animation is about choosing a story to tell and then turning that story into a film. You don’t need any special skills. You will be given a visual diary that is yours to take home and fill with ideas. Bring it back each week and use the course to bring your stories to life. This is your opportunity to experiment and have fun with cut outs or ready-made objects; to draw; to do some model making or even animate yourself! We will help you express your ideas and show you how to turn those ideas into a film. At the end of the course you will leave with a CD of your finished work."

The summer courses have begun but spaces are still available, check out the rest of the courses here.

Collage Mug

I made a transfer for this mug using a mixture of collage and hand drawings. The broken handle is care of my butterfingers sister.

Skullface dude with granite jawed comic book professor type
Random 1950's teenagers with leopard print.
Superman just chillin'

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Credit Card Imprinting Press

With minimal intervention I've modified a Datacard Addressograph credit card imprinter to be able to print very small linocuts and etchings. The initial idea came from an article by the artist Sarah Whorf but the result was far better than I expected. It's portable and convenient so I can make prints on the train (barring public outcry.)
I've improvised a stop to prevent slippage with mount board and split pins. I plan to pack the baseboard to even out the print.
At the moment instead of my usual caligo safewash oil based printng inks, I've been using Versafine oil based inkpads which work beautifully.

Rumpelstiltskin Concertina Book

This is the result of a brief for the visual narrative project in which we had to retell the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale and interpret the story using our own visual style.
For the cover I cut out the lettering by hand and glued it to a prepared gold coloured board.
I used a mixture of print and collage inside. I wanted to simplify the sequence by using a consistent medium and chose to not use text to elucidate the narrative events. I wanted there to be room for personal interpretation.
I find the concertina format allows me sufficient freedom to continue an ongoing story allowing the viewer the choice of focusing on a single panel or the entire sequence.
I assumed the viewer's prior knowledge of Rumpelstiltskin for the story to be recognisable as that particular fairytale.